What Are the Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines?

Gone are the days when there was only one search engine, now there are many to serve the needs. Not all of them are popular and have done wonders but still there are few which are topping the list with their visitors traffic. The list mentioned below is based on the ranking of ebiz and it’s in the scale of expected unique monthly visitors and is valid as of August 2016.

Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines

1. Google

Without any doubt, google ranks the in the list of search engines with the traffic of 1.6 billion. With the advancement google has changed over time, Google is completely necessary for our everyday life, not a day goes without searching for something and now there are a lot of features to explore on google like Google Maps, Gmail.

2. Bing

The second rank goes to Bing which accounts for 400 million traffic, so why people go for bing when there is google. The answer to this is video search is better. It also provides twice as many auto complete suggestions than Google.

3. Yahoo

Initially when the internet revolution started Yahoo stood along with google but now it accounts for 300 million traffic. According to the sources a there is a scope of merger of yahoo with AOL but still it has not happened.

4. ASK

With 245 billion traffic ASK ranks on 31 st rank. So why is it favored over google sometimes because it is good for precise question-related searches, with results focusing on Q&A related searches.

5. Aol Search

As already mentioned this trending search engine has its possibilities of merging with the very well known yahoo search. Why is Aol search trending is because it blends relevant results from web sites, videos, audio clips, pictures, and products on search result pages. It has a user traffic of 125 million.

6. Wow

As the name suggests so is this search engine with a traffic of 100 million, securing 767 rank. This is a search engine which works like a news site. This would go best for you if you want to search everything under one roof. It is flooded with news and celebrity based article. So if you are a news junki go for it.

7. WebCrawler

WebCrawler is a search engine having 65 million web traffic and it secures a 674 rank. Popular as it feature far more common ’blue links’ than Google which counts in its advantages. Also it gives a clearer picture between paid search ads and organic results.

8. MyWebSearch

With 60 million traffic spyware makes it to the top 10 list It is a search toolbar program that enables the user to ask various popular search engines and comes bundled with an exhausting set of ‘goodies’ such as Smiley Central, Cursor Mania, My Mail Stationary, My Mail Signature.

9. Infospace

Infospace is a white label search and monetization solutions” with 24 million web traffic and it also operates its own branded search sites, including the meta search engine Dogpile


13.5 million User traffic infospace becomes users useful as it directs real-time social conversations and according to them, it gives “newsworthy, trending, and popular results before they hit the indexed web.

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