What Are Digital Algorithms? And Types Of Algorithms?

The main purpose which Digital Algorithms serve are computing, data processing, searching, or sorting throughout every area of IT. They are the building blocks our digital world stands on. There are different digital algorithms, but they achieve the same thing through varying costs and time. Therefore, you choose the algorithm for your needs.

Four types of Algorithms is here

  • Panda Algorithm
  • Penguin Algorithm
  • Hummingbird Algorithm
  • Rank Brain Algorithm

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Panda Digital Algorithms:

Panda also resulted in a sudden increase in the number of complaints due to copyright infringement. Because the original contact was getting rank lower than relevant ones. Also, it becomes easy for Google to identify the spammers with panda searching revolutionized SEO.

Penguin Digital Algorithms:

penguin officially became a part of the core algorithm of google in 2017, with an objective to identify websites with Blank – hat SEO practice and rank than low. when penguins came out, more than 3% of websites on the internet were affected. The practices targeted were mainly paid backlinks and keyword stuffing.

Hummingbird Digital Algorithms:

suppose you type a keyword ‘movie’ the results of this query are exactly the same as of another keyword ‘movie marketing Courses’. There arises a huge problem of intent to which hummingbird became a solution.

Rank Brain Digital Algorithm:

google completely adopted machine learning with Rank Brain Algorithms. The query of content got new metrics. Which later became the most important focus areas even google considers Rank Brain as the 3rd most essential criteria to rank pages as it aims at relevancy. UI experiences call to actions and retention & bounce.

What are Possum and Fred Digital Algorithms?

Here we have described the core concepts for Possum and Fred algorithms.


Released in 2016

possum is also a location-based algorithm but with an exception. possum filter the results. since local search mostly deals with Google my business pages. there comes a twist shopping complex has more than to business of same domain. which businesses should appear? possum tried to solve the issue by optimizing the results. The issue arises as only 2-3 of them are visible which may or may not be the best results for users.

Now when we talk about the exception. it not only optimize the nearby results but also helps to give SERPs for different physical locations. if we discuss the situations before possum, custom physical locations didn’t show results of nearby Google my business pages. possum made it possible. it improved the location-based SEO results.


Released in 2017

Fred always tries to target false practices for aggressive monetization benefits. These false practices include a huge number of advertisements, low-quality content, redirections, affiliate without value drive content, etc.

Actually, by 2017, Google realized that blogging is dominating the market in terms of revenue generation which is why more people are shifting to it. There have to be certain criteria to help quality bloggers to grain and black hat SEO (search engine Optimization) tricksters should be penalized. If you are facing any confusion then feel free to Contact Our Marketing Team.

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