What are Backlinks? How Backlinks help in SEO?- A detailed guide

To bring your blog or website to the top rank in google, the blogger uses SEO because the sites whose SEO is the best get top rank in google and perfect traffic.

Backlinks are used a lot in SEO, but do you know what backlinks are? So let us tell you about Backlink through this article today.

What are High-Quality Backlinks?

When a website or webpage is linked to another website or webpage, it is called a Backlink. A backlink is an incoming link on your webpage. The more backlinks on a website or webpage, the higher it’s rank in Google.

In simple words, say ‘like there is a well-ranked website on which a lot of traffic comes every day. If your website link is on a good ranking website, people will also visit your website. It is called a backlink.

A backlink can be fully understood only when you are also aware of its essential terms and know its terms.

Internal Links:

The links that go from one web page of your website to another web page are called internal links.

Linking Root Domain:

It is called the number of backlinks from your website’s unique domain.

No-follow Link:

This link does not pass the link juice from one website to another. It gives a natural look to your profile link.

Do-follow Link:

This link allows link juice to pass from one website to another. It helps in increasing the ranking of your website on google.

High-Quality Links:

This link comes from the quality website. These types of links help in boosting the rank of your website.

Low-Quality Links:

Such links that come from the wrong site, like spam or porn, are Low-Quality Links. Which can harm your website, so whenever you use Backlink, link your blog’s link with a high-quality link.

Anchor Text:

The text which is used with hyperlinks is called Anchor Text. It is the most popular way to make Backlink which works the most.

How to Create a High-Quality Backlink for Blog?

Know what is Backlink, but it is also essential to know how to make it? There is no limit to making it. But this Backlink should be a high-quality backlink. Only then will your blog get benefit from it or else not.

There are many ways to create Backlink, out of which you can use any method. So let’s know how to make a Backlink?

By commenting:

We can make backlinks by commenting on another website. For this, you have to start commenting on do-follow blogs, do-follow forums, and WordPress blogs using top commentator plugins.

By joining Forums:

You can create a Backlink by joining any forums. Along with giving Backlink, it also increases traffic. such as the TrackDish forum

Social Media:

Social media is also the easiest way to create Backlink. It also gives traffic with Backlink. First, create an account on social sites for your brand page. Then by publishing the post, its link will have to be put on social media platforms like Facebook Twitter.

By InfoGraphics:

 For this, you have to upload images, videos, or Gif images on your blog to another website that provides the facility to submit these things. You can get Backlink by submitting the URL of your blog there.

From YouTube:

Even on this, it is effortless to create a backlink; you first have to make a YouTube channel from the account from which you have submitted your blog to the google webmaster tool. After this, you will see an option of associates in the settings section; there, you have to submit the blog URL.

By Submitting Directory:

You have to first create an account on the web directory site. After this, you have to submit the URL of your blog to follow it.

From Unique Content :

If we put such content on our blog, which is not on anyone’s blog, then google keeps this content of yours at the top position. Along with this, other bloggers will link this content on their website so that you will get a high-quality backlink.

Article Submission Sites:

This site gives you the facility to write articles on your site to publish your article and add URL as well.


You can create a Backlink using any of these methods. Creating more and more backlinks to your blog or website on the Internet is the hallmark of a good SEO.

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