What is Technical SEO?- Everything you need to Know.

What is technical SEO, and how to do it? Do you know it well? When doing SEO, we only focus on On-Page and Off-Page SEO, but a Technical SEO is also essential in SEO, Which no blogger looks at

If you have written the content very well and have created a lot of backlinks for it, but if your index and rank are not getting, then understand that there. But how to do technical SEO? Do you know that? If not, here’s a new product just for you!

In this blog post, I will explain Technical SEO and the essential things you need to understand so that if your article does not rank even after doing On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, you should check it is. Can do

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is very different from Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, and Local SEO. Technical SEO analyzes the structure of your website Technical SEO also plays a vital role in SEO. It is not possible to run your website without doing technical SEO.

According to Neil Patel, founder of Ubersuggest, all that work is done to strengthen the technical foundation of any website apart from content that comes within technical SEO

In a nutshell, I want to say that every work you do to improve the technical things of your website apart from your content is Technical SEO.

So let’s understand why you need to know technical SEO

Why is Technical SEO important?

Have you ever skipped a chapter of your book and taken the exam? No, it is hazardous to do anything without understanding it entirely. That is why it is wrong to assume that your work is complete without understanding technical SEO, just on-page and off-page SEO.

Let’s say you have done On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO of your website, but if crawling and indexing of your post is a problem, will your blog post rank in Google? No, first, you have to understand which technical problem is not letting your blog rank on Google. However, it is important to write an SEO-friendly blog to get it ranked on google.

You must know about technical SEO, so let us understand how you can improve the technical SEO of your website.

What are domains? 

The name on which your website is registered is Domain Like ( your domain name ). The domain of my website Domain Name is an address that Internet users use to access your website.

There are countless domain names available on the Internet for which you can use any extension such as .in, .xyz, .club, .edu, .store, .net, and many more. .com which you must be familiar with

You should purchase a domain name according to the content of your website so that people can know about your website. I know how you will say why I named my website

What is Web Hosting?

When a website provider hosts all the website data on a server so that everyone who comes to that server can see that data, it is called web hosting. This data is displayed on that server through some codes but stored in a hard drive. If you are thinking of starting your website, start with shared hosting, as it is very cheap.

What is Server Location?

The location from which your website is hosted and all your website’s data is saved is called Server location. It can happen anywhere globally, whether in the US or India.

 To load the website quickly, you should choose where you will target the audience because it makes a big difference in the website’s ranking. Keep server location in New York, and if India then set server location in Asia.

What is Page Speed?

This is an essential part of technical SEO, so you must do a speed test of the web page after publishing the article. It is recommended to hire professional SEO experts to make sure there are no flaws in the website. Further, your website performs faster.

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What is Website Design and Structure?

The design you have chosen for your website and is visible to your visitor is called website design, which works to enhance your user experience. The better the design or structure of your website, the more the reader enjoys reading the content.

But keep in mind that if you do not import a design that is not heavy enough, it will increase your website’s load time, and Google will not rank your website.

Note: One thing to keep in mind is that at least six months of work, pay less attention to design and structure, pay attention to the speed of your website, then gradually make changes in the design of your website.

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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is also called TLS certificate, which moves your website from HTTP to HTTPS, which connects the data on your website’s server with the internet in SSL / TSL encryption mode.

That is why when the reader comes to your website; he understands all the information Google has brought this function to secure the reader’s information. Your website will rank at the top in Google only when you install an SSL certificate on your website

What are Website Errors?

When you access a website page and see a three-digit code, that page is called Error Page. This is due to your mistake or some technical problem with the server. You have to fix it, or else it will make a big difference in your website’s search ranking.

401, 403, 404, 500, 502, 503, 504 These are some important error page codes. If you see this while accessing any page of your website, you need to fix it quickly. Play an important role that also interferes with the reader’s experience

What is URL Structure?

URL structure is a complete structure of your website domain in which first the protocol, then your website name, then extension and lastly the path of the webpage. When defining the URL structure of your website, you should not take any date or year in it. Otherwise, the webpage stops ranking in Google search results for some time.

What are Broken Links?

When a website owner deletes a blog post published on their website, but the link to that post has been added to their content by another website, then when a reader clicks on the link, he gets [404 Not Found Error or Page Not Found] is an error show called Broken Link

If you find any such broken link on your website, it should be removed; otherwise, it makes a big difference in the ranking of your website. To check this, you can use Ahrefs free broken link checker tool, which gives you information about related broken links from every webpage of your website.

What is AMP?

AMP is a free HTML framework launched by Google for mobile users only. The full name of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages. But if you open your website on desktop, it looks the same but looks a little different on mobile.

 Because this plugin bypasses the heavy codes from your website, which significantly increases the speed of the website on mobile.

 As you know, most people use internet-only on mobile, so you should also install AMP on your website so that the user experience on your website is good.

What is Crawling & Indexing

Crawling and indexing are two different things but connected, But many Bloggers make mistakes in understanding Crawling and Indexing. When Google bots analyze the content of your webpage, it is called crawling, and when it can show up in Google’s search results pages, it is called indexing.

 Now suppose you wrote an article; to get it indexed by you in Google, you must first submit it to Google Console so that Google can rank your blog post.

What is robot.txt?

Robot.txt is a text file that tells Search Engine Bots which webpages to crawl and index your website and which are not. It is a part of REP, i.e. Robot Exclusion Protocol, which allows bots to access the webpage of your website.

In this Robot.txt file, you allow bots to access your website and tell which parts of your website they can access. For your website, you can easily access your website with the help of Sureoak. You can create a Robot.txt file which you have to insert in the root folder of your website

What is an XML Sitemap?

An XML Sitemap is a list of pages on your website that you need to rank on Google. Do you think Google bots open your website and crawl it again? No, Google bots go directly to the Sitemap of your website and from there go to that webpage and analyze it.

It helps both your website and Google. It allows Google to crawl and index your website quickly, and your article ranks quickly on Google.

Note that once you have created the Sitemap, you have to submit it to Google Console So that the structure and link of your website can reach Google

What is Google Search Console?

60 to 70% of technical SEO work is related to Google Search Console, in which you get information about all the technical things related to your website. That’s why you need to understand Google Search Console well. It shows a lot of matrices, and it is different from Google Analytics. I have noticed that some bloggers consider Google Analytics and Google Search Console the same.

But Google Webmaster and Google Search Console are the same. Earlier, all the technical things were shown in Google Webmaster, but Google removed it, presented a new platform, and named it Google Search Console. That’s why you need to connect your website with Search Console so that Google can analyze your website

What is a canonical URL?

Canonical URL is related to technical SEO, which refers to duplicate content on your or another website. 

It is done for Google so that Google understands which article to rank. As you know, Google only ranks original and fresh content, but sometimes you have to put the same content on two websites or two URLs, making it difficult for Google to understand which content it is. Rank and what not

When you open a product on Amazon, you will notice many colour, shape, and sizes options, each with a different URL. But if the product is the same, how will Google know which page to rank? That is why everyone except the main page is given a canonical URL. You can find this option in Yoast Plugin

What is CDN?

 A content Delivery System (CDN) is a group of your servers that quickly loads all your website’s assets and protects your website from cyber-attacks. You may be wondering why I have taken CDN in technical SEO when it has nothing to do with SEO

Wrong, I know the importance of CDN, and I understand that the security of your website is also a part of SEO. Save with the help of CDN and some other plugins. Because if the website is gone, everything is gone, so you also connect to CDN on your website. CDN is free, which you can add to your website with the help of Google Cloudflare.

 Conclusion: What is Technical SEO?

In the end, I want to say that if you want your website to be ranked on Google, then you have to do technical SEO of your website along with On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, which is not so difficult to do.

If you still find it difficult and need a professional help, I can help you out.

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1. What is a Technical SEO Audit, and how to do it?

With the help of a Technical SEO audit, you can find and fix any technical problem on your website. It has to be done.

2. What is the AMP format?

After installing the AMP theme, your website’s look on mobile is called AMP format. This look is quite different from traditional mobile pages and loads very quickly.

3. How fast should the website load?

Although the speed of your website depends on many factors like website design, website data, server location, and many more, it should not take more than 2 seconds to open your website; otherwise, your website speed will be considered slow.

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